OpenFOAM Training and SOWE

OpenFOAM Training


Since at Fraunhofer IWES, we work with OpenFOAM on a daily basis, we know how to employ the code properly for wind energy applications. As such, Fraunhofer IWES offers training sessions on several topics of interest focused on customers’ requirements.

Tutorial cases for airfoil simulations (with code for automatic extraction of the pressure distribution) and a rotor blade simulation can be explored on Fraunhofer Gitlab webpage.  

Further codes developed by Fraunhofer IWES can be found under Software Developments and Tutorials.  


Symposium on OpenFOAM in Wind Energy


In 2013, Fraunhofer IWES founded the Symposium on OpenFOAM in Wind Energy with its international research partners.

Please follow these links to external webpages to participate in the next event or take a look at the work presented in previous years: